Turning my outdoor compost bins.

Turning my outdoor compost bins.

Adding food waste to my bokashi compost bin.

Adding food waste to my bokashi compost bin.

spokane county master composter/Recycler

This is my one-and-only consistent area of volunteerism. I found that trying to volunteer for multiple organizations only spread my limited available time too thin, reducing my ability to be impactful in any meaningful way. By focusing on volunteering as a Master Composter/Recycler (MC/R), I’ve been able to widen my reach and continue to develop my knowledge, while also investing in relationships with my fellow MC/Rs.

I actively compost using four methods. By clicking on each method, you’ll find a printable info guide or video produced by Spokane County Regional Solid Waste Program.

  1. Outdoor Bins

  2. Vermicomposting

  3. Bokashi Composting

  4. Spokane Clean Green Bin


By using these methods of composting, plus re-using what we can, and recycling what remains, we have significantly reduced our household garbage.

As a MC/R volunteer, I serve Spokane County providing information and education about what can/cannot be recycled in our blue bins, how to compost at home, and how to appropriately use the Clean Green Bin for Food & Yard Waste collection.

For more information on the MC/R program, or to schedule a volunteer to visit your organization or group, click here or contact me using the button below.

Each April and October, the MC/Rs partner with other local organizations in bringing a compost fair to Finch Arboretum. Come rain or shine to learn about the various methods of composting, see live demos, and meet your local volunteers.

For attendees who live in the City of Spokane, you can receive a free GeoBin (my favorite outdoor composting container)- bring identification or a piece of mail with your current address.

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