learning professional




My mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of others so that each of us can contribute to a better world.

That’s it. I aim to keep my message meaningful, clear, and adaptable, which is an approach I also bring to my work as a learning professional. Whether I am working with a team to build a webinar, writing curriculum for a workshop, or facilitating a learning experience for a group, my goal is to bring relevant content in a digestible format that promotes the learner’s ability to better themselves and the organization they serve.


After nearly 20 years in education, and half of those years focused in adult learning support, I decided to make an intentional career pivot, adding design and technology to my existing knowledge-base. In 2019 I enrolled in an E-Learning Instructional Design program at the University of Washington and am now inviting paid and volunteer opportunities to build my portfolio. If you have a learning or training project- live, online, or blended, please contact me to see if I can be of assistance.



productivity coach/Co-Owner
the emerald fox/Bridge Coaching & consulting, LLC
sept 2008-Present

As a productivity coach, I have worked with adult learners to develop better time-management and project management skills. Initially Bridge Coaching & Consulting, LLC and co-owned with the talented Dr. Molly Kreyssler, this business eventually expanded into two businesses offering specialized coaching services in both Coeur d’Alene and Spokane. Contact me if you are interested in more information on my productivity coaching services.

learning & career specialist
Washington state university spokane
Jan 2017-nov 2018

In this position, I designed and facilitated learning experiences to address the needs of a specific population of health science adult learners, including medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students, and more. As a learning specialist, I consulted with subject matter experts to develop relevant content to improve learning and retention of information. I designed and facilitated live and web-based workshops in evidence-based learning strategies, time-management, meta-cognition, decision-making, professionalism, and more. All learning experiences included an assessment component, with a continual focus on improvement.

placement coordinator
Washington state university spokane
April 2016-jan 2017

Working with community partners, I coordinated experiential learning opportunities for adult learners in the field of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology. This required building new relationships and fostering existing relationships with subject matter experts at individuals sites throughout the state. While in this position, I also developed an online system for managing the complex industry and institutional onboarding processes. I was also responsible for coordinating the contractual process between University officials and experiential learning sites.

tutoring services manager
spokane community college
April 2014-april 2016

When I stepped in to the tutoring centers at SCC they had been without structured leadership for some time. During my two years serving in this position, my greatest accomplishment was changing the campus perception of the center from negative to highly positive. I did this by focusing first on the environment- cleaning walls, floors, opening up the space, and improving signage. Next, I focused on the staffing, improving the requirements to be employed as a tutor and designing a tutor training program, which was awarded international certification by CRLA. I was responsible for the daily operations of a main Tutoring Center and multiple satellite locations, and a diverse staff of approximately 60 SMEs, acting as both peer and professional tutors. While serving in this role, I implemented e-tutoring programs, collaborated on an awarded Title III grant, and implemented an assessment process.

title Ix investigator
gonzaga university
jan 2014-april 2014

As the primary responder and investigator of reports of Title IX gender-based discrimination and the first person in this role at the instutition, I set out to develop a streamlined process for each report. Using the RACI method, I collaborated with a team of allied professionals and technical experts to form a CRM workflow for all incoming reports. I partnered often with campus and community service providers to develop processes, publications, while also maintaining a concise and informative web presence.

associate director, dream
gonzaga university
may 2009-jan 2013

Supporting the departmental director, I provided Individual support and strategy building for individuals with learning challenges. This included review of neuropsychological evaluations and medical records, collaborating with campus and community partners, and determining individualized accommodation plans for 500+ adult learners. As the program grew, we implemented a faculty liaison model whereby we streamlined communication through specifically trained department leaders. While in this position I was also responsible for the daily operations of the department and management of professional staff.

program specialist, trio
eastern washington university
sept 2008-may 2009

grants & contracts manager
university of washington (distance position)
july 2007-may 2009

executive director
habitat for humanity, ellensburg
july 2007=may 2009

Adaptive technology specialist
& program assistant, dream
gonzaga university
May 2003-may 2007

Enrollment specialist
California state university, long beach
may 2002-may 2003

academic advisor intern
california state university, long beach
Sept 2000-may 2002